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Ko Shui Ji 口水鸡

Let the drool flow – Ko Shui Ji 口水鸡

It’s been more than 10 days since my last post. Yikes! I really don’t have any excuses. Sorry. I shall hang my head in shame now.

I have been cooking though! I just haven’t been taking any pictures because the weather has been so grey and depressing. That translates to poor light so I didn’t even bother to take any pictures. The skies finally cleared yesterday and I could take a couple of semi-decent pictures of this drool-worthy dish.

As you may or may not know, my parents came to visit a couple of weeks ago and I took them to one of the more authentic Chinese restaurants I know in Bern. It was there that I tried Ko Shui Ji (口水鸡 for the first time. And boy, was I glad I tried it. Hand on my heart, it’s the ONLY way I eat boiled chicken anymore (I’m sure it’s just a phase). My mum could not contain her amusement while she watched me devour the dish. Continue reading Let the drool flow – Ko Shui Ji 口水鸡

Baked Fish and Chips

In which I seethe – Baked Fish and Chips

I have one advice for you, my dear friends (anyone who would take time to read my blog is my friend. )


So I got really really really mad at someone tonight, no prizes for guessing who, and I stupidly decided to do the dishes (something I hate doing even in a good mood) instead of leaving it till the morning like I usually do.  Eew! I know. But I have a super early day tomorrow and I really didn’t want to have to deal with the kitchen in the morning. Whoever said that doing the dishes is therapeutic, is a complete looney bin. Yes, doing the dishes allows you to think and I can see how that is therapeutic for some people. But do that while you’re angry and you’d be seething five minute in. You’d start thinking about the incident and then your mind would start riling. It’ll start to wander to the other annoying traits of the one who shan’t be named. Then you’ll be reminded of that thing they did two weeks ago that pissed you off but how you graciously let it go without a fuss and how you really should make yourself more heard and what you should say to them to make yourself more heard. There I was, in the kitchen, standing elbow deep in dirty dishes and having arguments in my head.  Detailed arguments with comebacks and all. But as angry as I am with them, I am angrier at myself for never following through with my imaginary arguments. I just can’t bring myself to fight. I ALWAYS end up crying. So guys, if your girlfriend or wife cries every time you fight, it is not the secret weapon you think we have. We are truly upset.

So to re-cap, don’t do the dishes when you’re angry. Go watch your favourite series, read a book, read 9GAG, watch vines, write a blog post, anything that will distract you. Just don’t do the dishes! There! I feel much better now.
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Kimchi Bokkeumbap

Quick Korean – Kimchi Bokkeumbap (Kimchi Fried Rice)

A third, but not the last, instalment of the Korean theme I’ve got going on now. (I started on a new drama and everything is just Daebak at the moment ) This is going to be a real quick post because, well, because I am spent. Like I-could-lay-in-bed-for-three-days-straight spent. But then again, that’s how I feel most nights.

Anyway, quick post means a quick dish. What could be quicker than Kimchi Bokkeumbap? Not many that I can think of. It literally takes you 15 minutes to make this dish from start to finish. Maybe even 10, I wasn’t timing myself. Continue reading Quick Korean – Kimchi Bokkeumbap (Kimchi Fried Rice)

Mat Kimchi

Easy Mat Kimchi

So if you’ve read my last post, you might have noticed a small plate of Kimchi lurking in the corner. To be precise, it was a plate of Mat Kimchi, which really just means that it was pre-sliced. I’ve always only needed sliced kimchi so this is just common sense (I told you I’d find all the shortcuts). It’s also a lot less work to make them pre-sliced, in my opinion anyway.

If you don’t already know what kimchi is, it’s korean brined cabbage. Whenever someone here asks me, I say it’s korean pickles for ease of explanation. Anyhoooo, it’s most commonly made with Napa cabbage and radishes but you can make it with a number of different vegetables. In fact, they do. You can find cucumber kimchi, bean sprouts kimchi, carrot kimchi, radish kimchi and the list goes on. It’s said that there are 187 varieties of Kimchi……that’s a lot of Kimchi. You can’t blame them though, it is such a versatile dish. Not only can you eat it on its own, but it lends itself to so many other mouth-watering dishes. Kimchi Bokkeumbap, Kimchi Jigae and Kimchi stir-fried pork just to name a few.  Continue reading Easy Mat Kimchi