Monthly Archives: April 2014

Stuffed! – Asia trip

Oh me oh my!! Almost an entire month has gone by without a new post. I’ve been MIA for the last few weeks and really there is no excuse. Except there is! I’m currently back home in Singapore and feasting on the local delicacies! As I’m typing this, I’m about 37000 feet above sea level, flying back to Singapore from a week in food galore, Ujung Pandang, Indonesia. *Edit: this is no longer true at time of posting 😛 I had planned to post about the food I’ve been feasting on throughout my holiday but if I were to be honest with you, I’ve been too busy pigging out to write anything.  Most meals, I’m too freaking excited stuffing my face to even remember to take pictures. But fear not! I have a very level-headed husband who doesn’t let his gluttony get in the way of photography.

That, however, means I have a different problem. It is not uncommon these days to have with you multiple devices with photo taking capabilities at any one time. The photos I’ve taken over the past two weeks are now spread over three devices, of which two do not belong to me. So that means I don’t know when I’ll be able to share those with you. Bleah.

Until then, how about some teaser photos, aka the few I took with my phone so excuse the quality?