Princess Ice cream cake cross-section

I can’t win – cutting the Princess cake

So this just happened.

Idiot:    So what do you do?

Me:        I’m a mum.

Idiot:    So you’re a housewife?

Me:      I don’t really like that term. Makes me sound like I do nothing all day       (Not entirely PC but we’ll get to that later)

Idiot:    Housewives are extremely busy. I dont know what youre talking   about. You modern women all look down upon housewives because they’re uneducated, look after the kids and do mom stuff, things that yall frown upon because you glorify high powered corporate jobs, living and travelling ovrseas and the modelling industry

Me:      Hello? I am a housewife. I just said that I don’t like that term. For exactly the same reasons you’ve just cited.

Idiot:    Hahaha! Get used to it! [You] get married to an ang moh (Caucasian) and be his trophy wife that sits at home all day and looks pretty for him when he gets back home. geez.

What????  I tell people that I’m a housewife and they say “Wow! You’ve got an easy life!”.      I say I don’t like the term “housewife”, they call me a snob and then turn around and say I don’t do anything all day!! I can’t win!

There is nothing wrong with being a housewife. I just identify myself as a mum. And you know what housewives and mums do all day? We cook your meals, wash your dirty laundry, do your grocery shopping, wipe your butts and make you princess ice cream cakes! Yes, we do all that on top of looking pretty.  Some mums go back to work too. I’m just not that capable.

Princess Ice cream cake
Said Princess Ice cream Cake

This week has not been smooth sailing. This week, I found out that my car, which broke down two weeks ago, is beyond repair. The day after I found this out, my MP3 player in the kitchen broke. The next day, my dishwasher broke. Two days later, we find out that the kitchen sink hadn’t been fitted properly with the proper pipes and so it’s been dripping under the cabinet for God knows how long. So as I am typing this, I am without a car, music, dishwasher and a kitchen sink. AND the girl is coughing. July has GOT to be better.

Anyway, that ice cream cake I made. It was pretty, wasn’t it? Not so pretty to cut though. I left it out on the kitchen counter for about 20 minutes before cutting and it was still pretty tough to cut. A couple of changes I would make when I do make this again:

  1. Frost with buttercream instead of whipped cream. Not sure if it would be better but the whipped cream stayed frozen even after the ice cream has softened considerably. I might even consider frosting with ice cream itself but I’d have to work very quickly though.
  2. Use a cookie crumb base instead of an actual cake. I went with a cake base because I needed the height but it proved to be difficult to cut and eat when frozen. I did kind of anticipate that though.

Princess Ice cream cake cross-section

I would definitely make this again. Because it’s so easy and pretty and every little girl deserves a princess cake. Just thought I’d follow up on that and I didn’t want to just rant. Here’s to a better July!




9 thoughts on “I can’t win – cutting the Princess cake

  1. Wow, sorry you are having suchs hard time the moment! The last thing you need I’d opinionated idiots telling you how and what your life is! I bet he/she couldn’t make such a fabulous cake! Ignore ignorance and celebrate your talents. Hope July is a great one! 🙂


    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. I know I shouldn’t care about what he said. He doesn’t know the first thing about me. I just needed to rant about it because it’s happened so many times before so it’s a touchy subject for me. Funnily enough, all the broken appliances don’t seem to bother me as much. In fact, now with the dishwasher down, my kitchen hasn’t looked cleaner!! Haha!! Hope you have a great July too! 😊


      1. I totally understand that. Dont bother with the idiots pris..i get that sometimes..being a mum is the most understated underrated underestimated underpaid and undervalued hyper important job!
        Doubt it? Try leaving kids with husband and house for a week!


      2. Good that you can see the positive in any situation! I have a lot of admiration for mum’s since I have seen my sister coping with two little ones… Some people don’t know how much you can cope with when it really matters! A life without challenges would be quite dull… 😉


  2. As a woman, no matter what you do you’ll be judged harshly by someone out there. “Idiots” is really an appropriate word choice…sometimes people just need to mind their own biz.

    Back to the cake: the pretty girl in blue…she’s got a lot of good stuff going on inside! I know what you are talking about the frosting and cake being too hard or frozen. Was your cake oil or butter based? I’m thinking oil based would be better since it’s a liquid at room temp, and won’t freeze up as hard? In the US, we have something called Cool Whip, a non-dairy whipped cream that’s also oil based so that it doesn’t freeze as hard as buttercream or whipped cream would. If you can find something similar it might be an item worth trying for pretty girl cake #2. 🙂 Happy June 30!


    1. Great tips! I never thought of using an oil based cake. I might try that. We don’t have cool whip here but I’ll keep a lookout for a similar product. Thanks for the tips and thanks for being so supportive 😊


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