Rainbow cake

A unicorn pooped on my platter – Rainbow cake

I know! I know! The rainbow cake has been done to DEATH. But…….it’s a rainbow cake! You know you want to make one too. For a first attempt, I got to say, it turned out pretty damn good! *pat on the back* Also, I kind of made a promise here that I would. This was not baked for the same cause I promised it for though, so watch this space.

The rainbow cake has been on my to-bake list for the longest, longest time. Ever since I saw it on Sweetapolita 3 years ago. I promised myself that I will one day bake it for my daughter’s birthday and see her face when I cut out the first slice. I finally got around to it and it was totally worth the 3-year wait. Oh the satisfaction…..*blissful sigh*

Rainbow cake

I made the cake using Sweetapolita’s Fluffy Vanilla Cake recipe and frosted it with a simple Vanilla Buttercream crumb coat under a whipped cream frosting. Remember I once said that frosting is my culinary nemesis? It still is. Ugh! I’ve come to the conclusion that I must, once in my life, go to the States and try some buttercream there for myself. I must be doing something wrong. All the buttercream recipes I’ve found so far are waaaayyyyy too sweet. How do you guys eat it?? I cut the sugar by a third and it was still too sweet. Mind you, I only used it for the crumb coat.

Rainbow cake

Would I make it again? Absolutely! It’s actually a lot easier to make than it looks. I would do things differently next time though. Next time, I would double the batter so I get higher layers. That way, I would be able to level each layer and get a prettier cake. Also, find a better buttercream recipe (read: one that doesn’t give me diabetes).

Honestly, when I baked the cake, it wasn’t meant to be a blog post. I knew the pictures would not be great and none of the recipes are mine. But……..it’s a rainbow cake!!!

Rainbow cake


6 thoughts on “A unicorn pooped on my platter – Rainbow cake

  1. You did an awesome job!! It’s sooo perfect! I, too, use Sweetapolita’s “Fluffy Vanilla Cake Recipe…it turned out very good once, and the next time was a tad dry…I think it’s best when removed from the oven just before it’s completely done. BTW, you aren’t doing anything wrong. In the US, we churn out some some crazy sweet concoctions! I remember long ago how we talked about adding cornstarch instead of powdered sugar into buttercreams…I totally think it’s the way to go!


    1. Thanks girl! I remember talking to you about the cornstarch in buttercream. In fact, that maple buttercream post was what led me to you! I did consider swapping out the sugar for cornstarch but I chickened out. I definitely will be trying it next time though.


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