This is the cooking chronicles of a homesick girl.

Born and, mostly, raised in Singapore, I met Mr. Right fresh out of my teens. Needless to say, he swept me off my feet. All the way to Switzerland. Fast forward 12 years and I am now the proud mother of 2 beautiful, if not loud, kids. I love to cook and I cook whenever I can (read: when I don’t have 264 requests being barked at me simultaneously). I’m also very lazy. Like extremely. If there is a shortcut, you can be sure I’ll find it.

Having been away from home for over a decade, it’s safe to say that a lot of my recipes are not spot on when compared to the original dish. They’ve been tweaked and adjusted to suit our preferences so if you like them too, YAY!! If you don’t, sorry.

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  1. Wow Very Interesting and Nice Adventure Life you have.I Love to Travel and This is very Good Blog for me and My Big Problem is I cannot Live with Out food and Ur blog Fully Food Blog with Delicious recipes…


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