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Baked Fish and Chips

In which I seethe – Baked Fish and Chips

I have one advice for you, my dear friends (anyone who would take time to read my blog is my friend. )


So I got really really really mad at someone tonight, no prizes for guessing who, and I stupidly decided to do the dishes (something I hate doing even in a good mood) instead of leaving it till the morning like I usually do.  Eew! I know. But I have a super early day tomorrow and I really didn’t want to have to deal with the kitchen in the morning. Whoever said that doing the dishes is therapeutic, is a complete looney bin. Yes, doing the dishes allows you to think and I can see how that is therapeutic for some people. But do that while you’re angry and you’d be seething five minute in. You’d start thinking about the incident and then your mind would start riling. It’ll start to wander to the other annoying traits of the one who shan’t be named. Then you’ll be reminded of that thing they did two weeks ago that pissed you off but how you graciously let it go without a fuss and how you really should make yourself more heard and what you should say to them to make yourself more heard. There I was, in the kitchen, standing elbow deep in dirty dishes and having arguments in my head.  Detailed arguments with comebacks and all. But as angry as I am with them, I am angrier at myself for never following through with my imaginary arguments. I just can’t bring myself to fight. I ALWAYS end up crying. So guys, if your girlfriend or wife cries every time you fight, it is not the secret weapon you think we have. We are truly upset.

So to re-cap, don’t do the dishes when you’re angry. Go watch your favourite series, read a book, read 9GAG, watch vines, write a blog post, anything that will distract you. Just don’t do the dishes! There! I feel much better now.
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