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Like dominoes we fell – Eggless chocolate cake

We were hit by the super-bug from hell this last week.  It all started when the girl came home Friday before last, looking like she had just downed a half bottle of Tequila. Her face was flushed, her eyes were sleepy and she was disoriented. Three days later, my husband had that same look. Soon after, I FELT that look. Of course, it’s not over till the youngest sends this bug on its way with a grand finale. The last days, I saw my son transform into a koala bear and attached himself to my hip. My shoulder was his pillow and my sweater his handkerchief. Did I mention that this all took place over both kids’ birthdays? Yeah…..Double happiness…..

Today also happens to be my dear dear brother’s birthday! So this post is for you too Sweetie!!

Brother dearest, I love you with all my heart. And on your 26th birthday, I wish you health, wealth and all the happiness in the world! Happy Birthday!! Muacks!!

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Ho Ho Ho – Grittibänz

I actually had no plans to make these little men of bread this year but my daughter came home with two yesterday and I got suckered into it. It’s Saint Nicholas day (at least it still is right now as I’m typing) and there is a tradition in this part of Switzerland that involves pretend cannibalism. We make bread shaped like little men and then eat them. I remember how I refused to eat them when I first arrived 11 years ago. Hahaha! How I laugh now. I can’t explain it but back then I just thought it seemed so wrong.


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Blink and you’ll miss it – Steamed Tofu in Oyster-Soy Sauce

Today is a proud day for me. I finally crossed something off my to-do list. In your face, procrastination!! About two months ago, my husband asked me for the photos I had taken of the kids with my phone. Photos dating back to February. Yikes! Today, I finally did it. I went through my photo library and sorted out which photos to pass to him, i.e. photos of the kids, and which he didn’t need, i.e. my food photos, selfies and the baby’s poop. Throughout the 2 hour-long process, I found myself repeating the same thought in my head over and over again, almost like a mantra.

“When did they get so big?? And how did I not notice it??”


They weren’t kidding when they say children grow up so fast. Blink and you’ll miss it. It didn’t seem like it was that long ago when we first brought Alana home from the hospital. Now she’s fighting me in the mornings about which dress she wants to wear and how many necklaces she needs to match it (she doesn’t believe in “less is more”).  Continue reading Blink and you’ll miss it – Steamed Tofu in Oyster-Soy Sauce