Sweet Sweet Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone!! At least I hope you’ve had one. I know I’m late wishing you good folks out there a Merry Christmas. But if I had been good and did my Christmas post early then I wouldn’t have been able to show you my AWESOME CHRISTMAS PRESENT!!

Look how pretty it is!

I usually don’t bake christmas cookies. But I’ve known what I was getting for Christmas since early November and knowing that this little baby is waiting  for me, I knew I had to get baking. Besides, Christmas just isn’t Christmas without cookies.

Again, I hope you’ve all had a wonderful Christmas this year and if I don’t check in again before the 31st, I wish you all a very very Happy and Blessed New Year!!

Brabanzerl – Recipe here
Oreo Truffles
Oreo Truffles – Recipe here
Rolly Polly Santa
Rolly Polly Santa – Recipe here. The flavour is not the best but it”s cute. Also the other reason I did any baking this year.
Mexican Wedding Cookies
Mexican Wedding Cookies

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